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Ropes Class Interval Training

Under the warm glow of the skylight in the Olmeca gym, our instructor Manuel is yelling words of encouragement at us. “Work it! Hold it like a microphone! Raise your arm like a rock star!”  This high-intensity interval training ropes class has us hopping and swinging our arms, trying to wiggle life into a 40-foot rope.

Our partners stand across from us on the center loops of each of the 10 ropes, anchoring them to the floor and keeping us tethered while we hold the ends. We shake the ropes energetically, whipping and swinging them to the beat of the music as we hop, squat and repeat through different routines. We’re working our abs, arms, shoulders and legs with each 20-second interval and ten-second rest.  For 30-minutes, it’s a total body workout until we become sweaty messes of satisfied exhaustion.  It’s a great feeling.  Now it’s time to hit the showers before lunch and a Ranch Classic massage.  

The Ropes Class is a cardio workout that helps develop core strength and allows each of us to move at our own ability and comfort level. To learn more about the ropes class and other strength training classes click HERE.