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Seaweed Wrap

I was a little wound up this week so I decided to treat myself to a Seaweed Wrap at the Men’s Health Center. I needed to reset my body to get back into the swing of daily life after the holidays and to maintain my fitness goals.  This 30-minute treatment was the perfect way to help fulfill my New Year’s resolution to take better care of myself.

As I comfortably sat on a stool with a towel draped around my waist, the masseur spread a thick layer of seaweed gel and oils on my body and neck.  Then he placed steaming warm sheets on the massage table where I lay down face up. He folded them over me, enveloping me in a warm cocoon. My face was exposed, and the masseur placed a cool, damp towel on my eyes  — a refreshing contrast to the warmth of the wrap.   Then he shut off the lights and left me to steam, detox, and relax.  The winter air had wreaked havoc on my skin, drying it out.  The seaweed and warm sheets were relaxing and moisturizing. The knot I had carried in my shoulders and lower back seemed to melt away.

Afterwards, my skin felt a bit tighter and fresh. The wrap helped me achieve the “reset” I was looking for, and I felt a lot more limber and ready for my stretch class that afternoon.

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