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Acupuncture at Rancho La Puerta

Part of the appeal of The Ranch is that it offers an array of Holistic Therapies that balance the mind, body, and spirit — in addition to traditional spa treatments like massages and facials. The selection is incredible! After hearing glowing reviews about Regina Aguilera, The Ranch’s Licensed Acupuncturist of over ten years, I was eager to try a session, so I booked one for the start of the New Year.

Before the session, I made sure to eat lightly and dress comfortably. When I arrived at the Villas Health Center, Regina took me back to her treatment room. First she checked my pulse at various points on my wrists and explained that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each pulse corresponds to a different organ at various levels. As it turned out, my liver and kidney pulses were out of balance. Next she examined my tongue and asked me a series of questions about my health and lifestyle in order to make a diagnosis.

When I revealed that I frequently work out, Regina responded, “It’s great that you work out. Now tell me, what do you do to work-in?” Clearly she was keen to address my mental state, which makes sense, because Acupuncture addresses the body holistically. The practice focuses on life force energy (“Qi,” pronounced, chi) that runs throughout the meridians, which are like invisible pathways running along the body. By inserting tiny needles along these meridian lines, energy blocks are removed so that the energy or Qi can flow freely to allow for healing of acute and/or chronic conditions. This energy carries nourishment (blood, oxygen, food) to the cells and helps eliminate cellular toxins. The proper flow of Qi manifests itself via a more healthy and balanced state of wellness.

After Regina examined me, we discussed the condition I wanted to address in the session: my severe allergies. I climbed onto the treatment table, relaxed, and she gently inserted hair-thin needles into my outer ears, wrists, and ankles. Some of the needles were slightly uncomfortable when they were placed, but the pinching sensation only lasted for a couple of seconds and then I felt fine. Regina explained that the achy feeling is often the sensation of Qi.

Regina left the room and I relaxed peacefully as the needles made changes within my body. As I lay still, I listened to the relaxing spa music, allowed myself to sink deeply into the bed, and entered a deep state of calm. I enjoyed the tranquil feeling, and before I knew it, Regina quietly entered, greeted me, and removed the needles. She took my liver and kidney pulses again; they had significantly changed and were more balanced than before. The treatment had already made a positive shift.Acupuntcture

I felt really good after my Acupuncture treatment, and strongly recommend that you visit Regina next time you are at The Ranch. Acupuncture supports total body health — it’s preventative, healing, and nurturing. It’s a wonderful supplement to the healing you will experience on your visit, and a perfect way to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

Regina Montalvo-Aguilera M.S., L.AC.  is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Learn more about Acupuncture in The Ranch’s spa brochure. You can also schedule an appointment with Regina before your trip to Rancho La Puerta.

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