A Yoga Break with Maya Griggs - Rancho La Puerta
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A Yoga Break with Maya Griggs


Want a quick mental reset that relieves tension and can help improve your balance? This yoga routine, demonstrated by Ranch Yoga Instructor Maya Griggs, can do just that. It’s perfect for a morning or mid-day yoga break.

YogaMountain Pose, or tadasana in Sanskrit, is a grounding and centering pose that strengthens your ankles, knees, and inner thighs. The squat, utkatasana, strengthens your lower body, back extensor, and core.  The high lunge gently lengthens your hip flexors, and helps develop strength and stability.  The transition from the squat to the high lunge will help you build balance, and encourage graceful transitions both on and off your mat.

1. Mountain Pose, Tadasana

  • stand with your feet parallel, toes spread wide, arches lifted
  • place your heels slightly out, so that they follow behind your second toes
  • firm your thigh muscles and lift your knee caps
  • lengthen your tail bone towards the ground
  • knit your abs and ribs in
  • bring the shoulders back and down
  • keep your head level and throat soft
  • smile!

2. Transition to Utkatasana


  • raise your arms perpendicular to the floor
  • turn palms toward each other
  • bend your knees & encourage your thighs to be parallel with the ground
  • pull your hips back so you can see your toes
  • keep your inner thighs parallel
  • hug your muscles to the bones
  • knit your abs and ribs in
  • lift your chest
  • slide shoulder blades downward
  • hold for 30 seconds to a minute

3. Follow up With a High Lunge:


  • step the right leg back so that you’re on the ball of your right foot with your heel high
  • firm your right leg and press your thigh towards the sky
  • deeply bend in your front left knee
  • keep hips parallel
  • lengthen your tailbone
  • suck your belly and ribs in
  • lift your heart
  • reach arms away from lower ribs
  • lengthen fingers
  • soften your shoulders
  • hold for 30 seconds to a minute

4. Transition out:

  • step your right leg forward to meet your left leg in squat
  • lower your arms by your sides
  • straighten your legs and return to Tadasana

Repeat the entire routine on the other side. You should feel great!

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