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Vibration Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy uses hand hammered bronze bowls to create an environment for deep relaxation.

“Using hand hammered bronze bowls and gently placing them on your body, the vibrations and sounds can help you deeply relax. This naturally helps clear energy blockages and your body heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically,” says practitioner Susan Gwaltney.

“Everything in the universe is made of vibrations, it resonates at its own frequency. Think of the body as a still emotional pond. The healing modules, like Vibrational Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, they all work to disrupt the surface and the depths and allow the energy to move.  This allows the unconscious energy and conscious sound to penetrate through your entire body and work at a cellular level.”

Each strike of the bowl is different creating a multilayered sound and moving the vibration of the bowls on your body and chakras. These help energy move through your entire body allowing the bowls to create the perfect opportunity for deep meditation. This can help benefit with sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a 50-minute private session* and can be reserved with Susan Gwaltney at the Sound Healing class.  Guests are clothed and the sessions typically take place in The Ranch’s Meditation Room, Milagro.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

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*Check with practitioners for additional fees with private sessions.