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Energy Medicine with Jonelle Rutkauskas at Rancho La Puerta

The Energy Medicine treatment provided by Holistic Practitioner and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Jonelle Rutkauskas is a powerful and life changing experience.  But what is it?

My treatment started in Jonelle’s exam room. “We are bodies of energy,” she told me, “everyone has a frequency they function at, that helps them become more resilient in whatever is going on in their lives.  For example, if you’ve had chemotherapy or were in an accident you may have less energy.  If you are healthier, eating right and getting the proper amount of exercise you will have more energy.”

She asked me if I had been in any accidents, broken bones or had any surgeries.  These types of traumas, she said, can often block the body’s energy flow and lead to other complications.  She then described what the session would be like so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I relaxed on the treatment table, face up, fully clothed and my shoes off.   There isn’t any oil applied and it’s not a massage with muscle manipulation. Jonelle sat at the end of the table near my feet.  “Feet,” she said, “are a relaxing and grounding place to start.  It gives a person a chance to relax.”  And relax I did.

She touched my feet and held them for a few minutes.  Then she gently placed her hand on one of my knees. Her touch was warm and settled there for a moment. She said the heat I felt was my nervous system recalibrating itself and that Energy Medicine works on physical, spiritual, emotional and biochemical levels.

From my knees, she moved up to my back and abdomen. She placed one hand under my lower back and the other on my abdomen, in a bit of a cradling position.  She told me she was feeling and sensing for the potency and health in my gut. The gut is considered the second brain, she told me and can carry a lot of emotions and stress.

After a few minutes, she moved to my head. She held the back of my head gently in her hands and said that this would help integrate my body’s system and the session. I was relaxed and not sure how much time had passed. Internally I was in peace but still had a surge of emotions that felt freeing.

That evening my body and mind were still processing this amazing treatment so I went to The Ranch’s Silent Dinner. This gave me a little more time to process the experience and the flood of emotions that were swirling around inside me.  Like a good massage, I felt relaxed, looser and free.

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Energy Medicine with Therapist Jonelle Rutkauskas at Rancho La Puerta