Art Class and Creating a Scuplture with Igancio Castañeda - Rancho La Puerta
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Art Class and Creating a Scuplture with Igancio Castañeda

Sculpting class with Jose Ignacio Castañeda is a must do art class for Ranch Guest Rosaria de Freitas. Rosaria was so touched by the class that her family commemorated the experience with a Christmas surprise… read on for more details. 


I made a sculpture during my first visit to Rancho La Puerta a few years ago. I got a lot of personal satisfaction out of doing something I’d never done before. This trip, my second, the sculpture class with Jose Castañeda was high on my list of things to do. 

Jose Castañeda is an excellent teacher for beginners. He has a very good grasp on what needs to be done so he directs you and sets you up before walking you through the process. He gives you lumps of clay and shows the shapes and forms to create the body.  In my class, I saw amazing results from the other students. I could have tweaked mine more and made it more realistic so it flows a little better but I’m pleased with it.

I had put my initials on my sculpture and took a picture of it when I was done and went to my next class. I was amazed I was able to create this. I was excited but hadn’t thought about having it bronzed.

My traveling companions realized it was a very deep and emotional experience for me. I was so enthusiastic as I talked about it. A little over a month later this heavy box arrived but I had no idea what was in it. My family that had traveled with me to The Ranch had secretly had my sculpture bronzed by the instructor. They were also with me when I opened it.  I was very touched and emotional. First, because it was my creation and second because the gesture was so meaningful.

The 1.5-hour class is offered once a week with an opportunity to keep working through the afternoon. If the budding artist would like, they can have their sculpture cast in bronze for an additional fee and mailed to them about 60 days after their week.

Learn more about unlocking your creativity with art classes at Rancho La Puerta or find the right activity to set your spirit whirling.