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Long Torso Stretch

Rancho La Puerta’s Fitness Instructor and TRX Master trainer Neil Mallinson teaches suspension training through our mobility program.  “One common misconception,” says Neil, “is that suspension training is only for strength building.” Here, Neil shares the Long Torso Stretch to help you stretch your muscles and joints. With a greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility, you’ll have more effortless movement, and it’ll help you keep a positive state of mind.

  1. Straps are at mid-length.
  2. Stand sideways to the anchor point of the straps.
  3. Keep your spine elongated and tall.
  4. Square your shoulders to the anchor points.
  5. Drop your hips to the side.
  6. Extend your arms and slowly lean into your hip.
  7. Allow your head to drop between your shoulders.
  8. Hold for one deep breath.
  9. Reset by pulling yourself to the standing position.
  10. Repeat on the other side.

At The Ranch, we have weekly classes, including Pilates, Yoga, Postural Therapy, Strength Training, and Feldenkrais to help keep your posture in alignment and your attitude in line.