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Balanced Autumn Beauty

Autumn beauty takes place when nature’s red, orange, and gold color palette fills the land, when the leaves twirl down from the trees, and when the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice wafts through the air. Yet as the weather transitions from warm to cold and the time changes, it can pose challenges for the body’s natural biorhythms. During this time its important to make a conscious effort to achieve an inner and outer balance. Creating a La Puerta Core Essentials™ self-care ritual can help maintain or find balance during this change of seasons, and it can help calm your whole being as it adapts to fall weather.* Here are some wellness focused products that will help you  find or sustain balance in this season:

Lavender Aromatherapy

Considered a “first aid kit in a bottle,” Lavender is mother nature’s exceptional aromatherapy botanical, and it is known to balance internal energy and emotions. It is also a wonderful balancer for oily and dry skin. Use pure lavender skin and body care products to help relax the mind, body, and spirit as the seasons transitions.

La Puerta Core Essentials™ Lavender Hydrating Mist contains 99% Certified Organic Lavender hydrosol. Use this mist throughout the day to uplift, refresh, and awaken the mind. It will gently balance, soothe, and moisturize the skin, which is exactly what your body needs in fall. You can also take a long warm bath with Calming Botanical Body Oil. This will help relax your mind and body and simultaneously nourish and condition your skin. Remember to mindfully inhale and deeply savor the incredible scent.

Balance and Relax with Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Balancing Botanical Body Oil and Salt Scrub is a powerhouse duo that can help warm the body, relieve muscular pain, and alleviate upper respiratory conditions.* Simply run a bath filled with a generous handful of the Botanical Salts and one to two capfuls of the Eucalyptus Botanical Body Oil. Salts help to re-mineralize your body’s tissues and soothe muscle tension, and the eucalyptus can balance and center emotions. If you have a cough, cold, or flu, we recommend soaking in a eucalyptus bath for 20 – 30 minutes to help soothe the body and alleviate congestion. Breathe deeply and appreciate the balancing eucalyptus aroma!

Nourish Skin with Facial Oils and Crème

One of the best things you can do for your skin during the change of seasons is to nourish it with organic facial oils. Soften and restore with Core Essentials™ Facial Oils, designed for every skin type. What is really remarkable in skin care science is that oil balances oil, so you can use Balancing Oil even if you have congested skin. All the clean ingredients in these oils are known to promote overall beautiful skin health and balance. And if you have dry patches or need extra hydration, Core Essentials™  Calendula Moisture Crème is a rock star moisturizer that is perfect for both face and body.

Core Essentials™ rituals are an easy way to care for yourself.  To be a balanced autumn beauty remember to also take time to workout, work in, unplug from technology, and plug into the wisdom of yourself and nature. Your self-care efforts will help you glow from the inside out.

*Rancho La Puera makes no health claims for these essential oils.