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Sleep, Breathe, Hydrate- Tips from the Opera

Baritone singer Efraín Solís’ rich voice is a perfect match for the warmth of our Oak Tree Pavilion. Keeping his smooth voice tuned and fit is as essential to him as regular bodily exercise. I asked Efraín how he keeps in operatic shape.

I had to become very good at three things when I started my career on stage – funny enough, I think they are sound principles to live by in general:

  1. Sleep.Feeling rested and recovered allows me not only to sing well but to also be productive while in rehearsals, when I learn music, and during practice.
  1. Breath Work.This became so important to me as I traveled more and more. Yoga became a big part of my daily routine after my first visit to The Ranch, and my practice has had infinite effects on my physical and mental health. Focusing on my breath has helped my singing so much. It introduced me to the idea of a moving meditation which has been so helpful on and offstage.
  1. Hydration.Your car doesn’t run properly if it doesn’t have the proper fluid levels to keep it running smoothly, and neither does your body. Water is all you need! 

Join us as we host Efraín the week of February 1. He is currently performing with the Virginia Opera.