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Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate Earth Day. Here are five things we do daily at our farm, Tres Estrellas, to honor our planet regularly and a few you too can do at home.

1. Compost all food scraps from Rancho La Puerta and turn them into beautiful organic matter to feed our soil.

2. Recycle grey and black water to replenish the local groundwater and reduce our environmental footprint.

3. Grow fruits and vegetables to grow in a 100% organic environment, meaning no chemicals or unnecessary amendments are going into the surrounding native landscape, groundwater, or soil.

4. Plant perennial shrubs and trees that provide food and shelter for insects throughout the year and help us reduce topsoil erosion on the farm.

5. Use a mixture of worm castings and biodynamic compost for our seedlings in the greenhouse. We work with the natural biology on the farm, not against it!

Here are a few things you can do to honor Mother Earth which will feel good and are sure to brighten your life:

Plant edible perennials. Nut and fruit trees are great for creating shade, healthy food for you, and provide shelter and food for birds and other wildlife, encouraging a healthy ecosystem. 

Plant an edible garden. Replace some of your lawn or add beautiful, edible landscaping to outdoor spaces. The beauty of a glistening purple eggplant, the texture of an artichoke, and herbs like sage, oregano, thyme, and mint all add a splash to a yard and look great on a plate. We love the edible flowers we grow at Tres Estrellas, and they add functional beauty. 

Learn more about our sustainability practices.