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Lavishing Lavender

I love lavender! I love it as a flower, as an oil, and as a latte flavor. Lavender has become a buzz word in the wellness industry in recent years. It is used in nearly every beauty product I can think of, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion (like the Lavender Sage Hand and Body Lotion found at The Ranch), toothpaste, and face masks. Scientifically, lavender has qualities that make it great for sleep, relaxation, and stress relief. In today’s go-go-go craziness, it is no wonder that beauty brands recognize that we need a little help to slow down sometimes.

One of the most popular ways to experience the healing benefits of lavender is to use it as an essential oil. Breathing in essential oils stimulates smell receptors in the nose, which send signals to the limbic system. These signals can affect emotions and can have healing physiological effects on the body.

A favorite night time ritual of mine after a long day is a 30 minute warm bath, supplemented with La Puerta Core Essentials Calming Botanical Body Oil and Salt Scrub Duo. A little goes a long way with these products and makes a huge difference in soothing muscle tension and hydrating skin. I add a few drops of the oil and a couple of shakes of the salt to a warm tub and let them work their magic.

While I am there, I like to add a face or hair mask, like this Avocado and Honey Hydrating Hair Mask, which includes lavender as a secret ingredient, to multi pamper myself. A little-known benefit of lavender, that I learned from The Ranch, is that it prevents itchy scalps and dandruff, making it an excellent thing to add to hair products. This becomes especially important to me in summer months when I am more active during the day, and spending ample hours in the pool, which tends to dry out my hair. It is a wonderful treat to give myself that little extra love to rinse away all the sunscreen, sweat, and grime of the day. Plus, longer days tend to mean more time for social activities, so a little alone time to wind down becomes extra essential.

I also love to buy fresh lavender at my local farmer’s market to hang in my shower for an at-home spa experience. When the flowers dry, they are great to use in tea or water. A fun way to utilize lavender in the summer months is to infuse dried flowers in a water bottle to enhance the water’s flavor and encourage me to drink more “life juice”.

But that’s not all this incredible herb can be used for! Lavender is great for headaches, swelling, skin irritations, cuts, sunburns, and bug bites, all of which I tend to be prone to, especially in summer months. There is evidence to suggest that it, like citronella, is a great choice if you’re trying to repel mosquitos. According to Tara Grodjesk, an aromatherapist and spa consultant for The Ranch, the best way to apply lavender to receive these benefits is to mix a few drops of pure lavender oil with a carrier oil (try coconut or grapeseed) and apply topically. The advantages are endless!

The calmness that most guests feel while walking around The Ranch is cultivated by many factors, but the fact that wild lavender is growing all around the walkways is no mistake. Take a deep breath while you are walking to class, a meal, or your casita, and enjoy instant relaxation due to the wonders of lavender filling your olfactory nerves.