Unlocking Flexibility: Dynamic Stretch with Coco Bennett - Rancho La Puerta
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Unlocking Flexibility: Dynamic Stretch with Coco Bennett

At Rancho La Puerta, fitness classes go beyond the conventional and offer an opportunity to try something new.

It’s not a stretch to say the Dynamic Stretch class with Instructor Coco Bennett is a step in that direction. Coco shares insights into what makes this class unique by incorporating resistance bands and Mobility Sticks to elevate the stretching experience.

What sets the Dynamic Stretch class apart from other stretch classes?

Coco: The Dynamic Stretch class differs from traditional stretch classes by incorporating more continuous movement and less passive holding. It’s perfect for improving balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Why did we start with the mobility stick and then transition to the band?

Coco: Starting with the mobility stick allows for a full range of motion exploration. It helps improve core strength and stability. Transitioning to the band on the floor provides additional opportunities for stretching deeper into the muscles.

What advantages does the stick offer?

Coco: The stick enhances alignment stability and eventually leads to an increased range of motion. It’s particularly beneficial for core engagement, grip strength, and coordination.

Fitness Instructor Coco using Mobility Stick io her stretch strength

How does the resistance band contribute to the stretching routine?

Coco: The resistance band adds controlled tension, targeting specific muscle groups for deeper stretches. It moves with the body, allowing for a dynamic stretch experience that promotes flexibility and mobility.

Why is this class only 30 minutes?

Coco: A 30-minute class is ideal for an afternoon session at The Ranch. It provides a quick yet effective way to rejuvenate tired muscles and release tension, leaving participants refreshed for their next activity or leisure time.

Incorporating the mobility stick and resistance band into the Dynamic Stretch class offers a holistic approach to stretching. Participants improve flexibility and mobility and enhance core strength, stability, and body awareness. Join us for an invigorating stretching experience with Coco Bennett and unlock your body’s full potential at Ranch La Puerta!

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