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Essential Tips for Fitness and Relaxation at The Ranch

Whether you’re embarking on a fitness journey or simply seeking relaxation, our first aid and fitness staff have a few tips to help you get the most of your experience. From staying hydrated to hiking safely, these guidelines will help you make the most of your time at our Ranch. 

  • Stay Hydrated:
  • Utilize the drinking water stations located throughout the property.
  • Bring your own water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day.
  • Pro tip: Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice into your water for added flavor and nutrients.
  • Avoid “Tired Tuesday”:
  • Pace yourself and gradually increase your physical activities as the week progresses to avoid exhaustion.
  • Use Sun Protection:
  • Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before outdoor activities.
  • Pack a sun shirt with long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat for added protection.
  • Prevent Injuries with Proper Footwear:
  • Court Shoes: Tennis or pickleball shoes with lateral support and a sturdy toe box.
  • Cross Trainers or Running Shoes: Designed for flexibility in cardio activities.
  • Hiking Shoes or Lug-Soled Trail Runners: Offer stability and ankle support on trails.
  • Hiking Safely:
  • Be mindful of trail conditions, including loose gravel and protruding rocks.
  • Pack water and wear a sunhat.
  • Review scheduled hikes and choose difficulty levels suitable for you.
  • Do the prerequisite hikes if they are recommended.

Have fun! We’re glad you’re here to join us on your journey.