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A friend of mine asked, why does a pedicure need to be 90 minutes long?  And to that I answer, why would you ask such a thing?  Why is the sky blue?  Why do we breathe?  Why is the Blissful Pedicure 90 minutes?  Because it feels amazing!  Need I say more?

Oh, but I will.  First things first.   The absolute important first step you must do is choose which scented candle you would like to enjoy during the pedicure.  This candle is made completely of oils and beeswax and was used for the leg massage later, which was heavenly!  I chose coconut mint, and it might be one of the best things I’ve smelled in my entire life.  I’m not kidding.

Next is a little stroll on the reflexology path.  Take your time with this.  It’s meant to be somewhat of a meditation.  Deep breaths and good thoughts to get you relaxed.  Afterwards you’ll be taken inside where you get to soak your feet in hot water steeping with rose petals…ahhhh.  Then the actual pedicure begins with the normal procedures and this is your time to just sit back and relax which is exactly what I did.  After being busy all the time and on my feet, there is nothing quite like being pampered.  Is there?

After your feet look all pretty and cleaned up, it’s time for the reflexology massage.  Reflexology is an alternative medicine that utilizes pressure points on your feet corresponding with different organs in the body.  You will realize how much tension is actually held in our feet during this.  It’s quite a release!  Think of it as a deep tissue foot’s massage.  It’s a strong massage, but so worth it.

And they save the best for last.  Using the warm bee’s wax from the coconut mint candle, Gabriella massaged my legs and feet.  Best thing ever.  Between the coconut scent, the warmness of the oil and the relaxing massage, I was in heaven.  But it wasn’t over.  This was 90 minutes, remember?  After the massage, my feet and calves were covered in a large heat pack and towels and I was left there to relax or fall asleep.  Love, love, love the heat pack!

Last, but not least is the final part of the pedicure; painted toes and beautiful feet.  I must say, this is hands down the best pedicure I’ve ever had.  I would gladly take use 90 minutes of my life to do this again.  Well spent, if you ask me.