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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Achieve a revitalized state of health by naturally reducing aches, chronic pain, stress, and emotional imbalances. As you rest comfortably, light healing touches are applied to the body to treat trauma and restore health. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy brings the emotions and spirit into balance and reconnects the body with its ability to heal.

Feldenkrais® Method

Improve comfort, posture, and balance while reducing pain, tension, and stress. Each Feldenkrais® Method session is tailored to meet your needs and aimed to improve how you feel and function. As you lay fully clothed on a table, your body will be gently moved in ways that allow for effective communication with the brain and the nervous system. Sessions are designed to increase confidence and pleasure in daily activities.

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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a holistic healing approach that works with your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and past traumas. Clear energy blocks, open your chakras, and release core limiting beliefs. Together with your practitioner, choose from Reiki, Recon-nection, Craniosacral, Somatic Experience, Lifeline Technique, and Brain Spotting. Address the energetic cause of health issues for deep transformation.

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Improve and maintain your health through the deeply therapeutic practice of acu-puncture. Hair-thin needles are inserted into a network of energetic pathways called meridians, or channels. Energy runs throughout the meridians, allowing for the body’s Qi (pronounced ‘chi’), or energetic life force, to flow without obstruction. Whether you seek treatment for an acute or a chronic condition, or seek simply to achieve overall wellness, acupuncture treats the root cause of imbalances. This ancient Chinese healing practice creates a relaxed and harmonious state of equilibrium within.

Water Flow Therapy: WATSU® and more

Imagine resting back into the embrace of warm water as you are floated, stretched, massaged, and moved through our 96° ozone-infused therapy pool. Through a series of gentle movements, you are guided through a treatment that is as beneficial for the body as it is for the heart and mind. This treatment calms the nervous system reduc-ing stress levels, anxiety and promoting better sleep. Physiological benefits include decreased heart rate, blood pressure, mus-cle spasticity, and pain levels. You will feel more relaxed, flexible, and reconnected. With the use of a nose clip there is also the option of being submerged underwater; a truly unforgettable experience.