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Embodying wellbeing since 1940

A Personalized Experience

We welcome you with an elbow bump, a namaste, or in what has become a new Ranch ritual—crossing our arms and patting our own shoulders “abrazos!”.

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4,000 Acres

Rancho La Puerta’s 4,000 acres include 40 miles of hiking trails, 32 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, an organic farm, and La Cocina Que Canta cooking school.

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Dwell in beauty and privacy in one of our 86 casitas tucked away in luxuriant grounds. Each has a distinct personality and architectural flair.

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Experience the evolution of Rancho La Puerta, an oasis of well-being over 80 years in the making.

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One of Travel + Leisure Readers' Top Five International Destination Spas for 2023

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Founder’s Story

The Szekely Family and the History of the Ranch

Origins of the Ranch – Family-owned and operated since 1940

Since the beginning our motto has been Siempre Mejor! — the Professor’s favorite greeting, delivered in his booming voice. “Always Better!” still guides us every day: Rancho La Puerta has been recognized around the world since the 1950s as the progenitor of the modern fitness resort and spa movement, and has been lauded by every major travel awards program.

History of the Ranch

Relationships: Forgiveness & Reconciliation

We are Mere Mortals Life is messy, and no one is perfect. In the stress of the moment, we crack along our fault lines. It’s ok. And it is to be expected. But what lies at the crossroads of these challenging moments can be poor decisions, hurt feelings, and words or actions we cannot take […]

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