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A Personalized Experience

The Ranch gives me the opportunity to pause and be myself unencumbered. I can slow down and really be present through all the activities. Rancho La Puerta is a magical place of renewal to revitalize your spirit and soul.

- Sharon Blumberg, 8 visits, North Carolina

Impromptu health camp in 1940. Iconic wellness spa in 2020. Experience the evolution of Rancho La Puerta, an oasis of well-being 80 years in the making.

The Ranch is more than a grand getaway. It’s a revelation about what matters—the door to a new way of being. Hike some of the West’s most picturesque trails. Try cycling or salsa, water polo or yoga, Pickleball or painting. Sink into a mountain sage massage and float under the Baja California sun. Farm-to-table meals are served under convivial skies. Travel magazines rate us one of the world’s best destination spas. Guests say we’re the friendliest. Just an hour from San Diego, we offer Mexican hospitality that feels like home.

Celebrate our 80th anniversary with a ritual massage, giving baskets, birthday challenges and the chance to win an $80 stay. Find out more.

A Couple of Us

We are both normally on-the-go. Wade travels a… / 2 visits

One of the Girls

I wouldn’t trade my girlfriend getaway to The… / 5 visits

Guy’s Getaway

The Ranch challenges my body with intense physical… / 1 visits

Mom-Daughter Dreams

Jessica works for a Fortune 500 company in… / 3 visits

Something for Everybody

Create your ideal journey. Be solo or social, still or sporty. Whether you crave contemplation or conversation, The Ranch meets you wherever you are. Indulge in their Journeys

  • A Couple of Us

    We revel in romance and renew our wellness goals. / 2 visits

  • One of the Girls

    We deepen our friendships while following our whims. / 5 visits

  • Guy’s Getaway

    Who says spas aren’t for men? There’s cardio boxing and chamber concerts too. / 1 visits

  • Mom-Daughter Dreams

    We savor our own routines and intimate visits as a family. / 3 visits

Rancho Stories

Turmeric-Spiced Cauliflower and Broccoli with Capers

Turmeric-Spiced Cauliflower and Broccoli with Capers

This wonderful Turmeric-Spiced Cauliflower and Broccoli recipe comes from Integrative Holistic Nutritionist, Torie Borrelli. It’s always an informative and fun afternoon when she’s teaching at our cooking school or lecturing on nutrition at The Ranch. You can find this dish and more keto-focused, anti-inflammatory Mexican recipes in her fabulous new book, The Mexican Keto Cookbook.   Read More