Rancho La Puerta: Destination Spa | Fitness and Spa Retreat Learn about our health and safety protocols.

A Personalized Experience

We welcome you with an elbow bump, a namaste, or in what has become a new Ranch ritual—crossing our arms and patting our own shoulders “abrazos!”.


The Casitas

Dwell in beauty and privacy in one of our 86 casitas tucked away in luxuriant grounds. Each has a distinct personality and architectural flair.

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4,000 Acres

Rancho La Puerta’s 4,000 acres include 40 miles of hiking trails, 32 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, an organic farm, and La Cocina Que Canta cooking school.

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The Spa

Our four health and beauty centers will be your your balanced mind/body/spirit experience for the week, each staffed by skilled estheticians and therapists.

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Ranch Activities

Challenge your body in fitness classes. Trek majestic mountain trails. Learn the latest in health, psychology, science, culture and cuisine.

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Experience the evolution of Rancho La Puerta, an oasis of well-being over 80 years in the making.
Birds are chirping, leaves are billowing, people are smiling.
Sparkly pools, verdant gardens and charming casitas dot our 4,000-acre resort.
Take a fun-filled week to prioritize your wellness.
As you enter Rancho La Puerta, the frenetic world slips away.
The serenity is palpable as you step into lush gardens at the base of a sacred mountain.
The Ranch is more than a grand getaway. It’s a revelation about what matters—the door to a new way of being.
Give yourself the gifts of quietude, self-care and togetherness.
Hike some of the West’s most picturesque trails.
A legendary spa for your senses and soul.
We love our mornings at Rancho La Puerta. Sunrise hikes, bird songs, and Ranch granola.
Embark on a week that will change your life.
A Ranch retreat is a commitment to your health.
Plan now for golden hour hikes, balanced meals, and impeccable self-care.

Ranchera Solos are roomy studios with one bed. They are comfortable for one guest and are built in clusters in central areas closest to the Dining Hall and gyms.

Rancheras are roomy studios, comfortable for one or two guests and closest to the Dining Hall and gyms.

Our Haciendas are roomy and private, with great sitting areas and fireplaces

Our spacious Junior Villas have bedrooms that are more separate from sitting areas.

Villa Studios are the largest “studio” units at The Ranch, many accommodating up to three people. Our Luna rooms include an option for high-speed internet.

House-like, with two separate bedrooms and two private bathrooms

Cielo—a “heaven” or “sky.” Villas Cielo offer their guests very private sanctuaries.


A Place Of Healing

Beautiful possibilities await. Our four health and beauty centers will be your sanctuaries for the week, each staffed by skilled estheticians and therapists who have been widely trained…and often cross-trained in several disciplines. Our treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants grown in our organic gardens at Tres Estrellas. Their purity and freshness is a source of great pride at Rancho La Puerta. Some see our treatments as pure pleasure, but in truth they are also a valuable and therapeutic part of your balanced mind/body/spirit experience at the Ranch.

Cleanse, Relax, Energize, Restore


Rancho La Puerta has always been a great value and remains so today while being consistently named one of the top destination spas in the world by readers of Condé Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure magazine.

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Find specials fitted for your unique experience.

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The Szekely Family and the History of the Ranch

Origins of the Ranch – Family-owned and operated since 1940

Since the beginning our motto has been Siempre Mejor! — the Professor’s favorite greeting, delivered in his booming voice. “Always Better!” still guides us every day: Rancho La Puerta has been recognized around the world since the 1950s as the progenitor of the modern fitness resort and spa movement, and has been lauded by every major travel awards program.

History of the Ranch

Learn about our health and safety protocols.


New Spa Director Arturo Aguilar.

Our new Spa Director Arturo Aguilar first applied for the job 20 years ago. "My feet," he says, "were not big enough for those shoes at the time. It has been my dream job ever since. Now, I’ve grown, gained more experience, and can fill those shoes. It's no coincidence that I'm here."

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#1 International Destination Spa in Travel + Leisure’s 2021

#1 International Destination Spa in Travel + Leisure’s 2021
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