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My favorite part of being at the ranch is how I feel there. The sunshine, the way my body feels after days of healthy, fresh food, exercise, nature hikes and rest—so rejuvenating.

- Lynne Harty, North Carolina

The Ranch is more than a grand getaway. It’s a revelation about what really matters—the door to a new way of being. Hike some of the West’s most picturesque trails. Try cycling or salsa, water polo or yoga, Pickleball or painting. Sink into a mountain sage massage and float under the Baja California sun. Farm-to-table meals are served under convivial skies. After almost eighty years, travel magazines consistently rate us one of the world’s best destination spas. Guests say we’re the friendliest. Just an hour from San Diego, we offer Mexican hospitality that feels like home.

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Create your ideal journey. Be solo or social, still or sporty. Whether you crave contemplation or conversation, The Ranch meets you wherever you are. Indulge in their Journeys

Rancho Stories

Salad In A Jar from Chef Denise Roa

Salad In A Jar from Chef Denise Roa

These easy to prepare Salad-In-A-Jar recipes from Executive Chef Denise Roa are a visual feast and can be created in advance. Start by adding four ounces of dressing to the bottom of a 32 ounce mason jar. Or, keep the dressing in a separate four ounce jar to be poured on top if you think you’ll make a collection of salads for the week in advance. Now, begin layering your crunchy feast in a jar. Make a bed of hard vegetables such as chickpeas, broccoli, and carrots on the bottom. Next, blanket them with grains like quinoa. Add soft vegetables -  beans or corn work well -  and then add protein like nuts or a hard-boiled egg.  Tuck it all in with organic leafy greens such as spinach and kale for a lunchtime meal that’s ready to travel and easy to store. Read More

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