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Postural Therapy

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Postural Therapy is a class offered here at the Ranch and I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago at dinner.  A couple of guests were raving about how great it is and I immediately was intrigued.  This week I finally had a chance to take it.

Since coming to the Ranch, my posture has been on my mind a lot.  I come from a background of working for hours upon hours at a computer, really focusing in on the screen.  This has really affected my posture a lot causing me to hunch over and stick my neck out.  I think many people can relate to this because so many of us work on computers for long periods of time.

Nathan, our fitness manager here at the Ranch is the instructor for the class.  Apparently it’s a really popular class because it was packed!  Many of the people who were there had just taken his class the previous day.  Even though the class was full, I still felt like we received plenty of individual attention.

We started the class by standing against the wall and noticing how our posture is.  Was our head touching the wall? We’re our shoulders touching the wall?  In my case, no.  This was just so we can see how our posture is normally.

Then we got into the exercises that helped us become more aware of how our ribs relate to our shoulders and head.  We did a lot of work on our shoulders, pushing them back and then at the same time seeing how high we can raise our ribs.  This was the first time I’ve ever really worked on my posture in a class or workshop.  By the end, when we stood at the wall again, I noticed a large improvement.  My head was back touching the wall without even trying to push it back.  Also, after learning these exercises, now I can try them at home and get my posture back to where it should be.

You can see of a video of Nathan demonstrating Postural Therapy techniques here.