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The Egosque Method for Better Posture

I’ve been talking a lot about posture on this blog, mainly because it’s something that affects so many people.  How many people do you know that have some sort of chronic pain or are plagued with bad posture?  It seems to be the majority of us.  This is also very personal for me as well because after years of sitting behind a computer hours on end, my posture has definitely taken a toll.

We have classes at the Ranch that really help get your posture back to what it’s supposed to be like Postural Therapy and Pilates.  This week we were lucky enough to have Rick and Theresa from the Egosque Clinic in Austin as guest instructors.  The Egosque Method is about using gentle stretching exercises that incorporate your whole body to gently put your posture back in place.  The result is not only good posture, but also pain free function and movement of your joints.

I will say that by the end of the class I noticed quite a big difference in my posture.  At the beginning of the class, we just stood how we normally stand and looked to see where are hands fell. Mine, instead of falling to the sides, fell somewhat in front of me which indicates that my shoulders are curved forward.  We did a series of about 10 exercises which mainly had to do with keeping your shoulders back while moving your arms and lower body.  After that, we stood again and my hands were more by my sides.

It’s amazing really to see how much your posture can change in a small amount of time.  The trick is to continue to do these exercises continually so that correct posture just becomes normal to you.  These exercises are extremely easy and I definitely plan on doing them at home as well.