Circuit Training with Mike and Hazel - Rancho La Puerta
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Circuit Training with Mike and Hazel

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Circuit Training is a great comprehensive workout we have here at the Ranch– it keeps you interested and constantly moving. For me, I really needed to get some weight lifting into my routine which now just consists of walking, hiking and yoga, so I took this class with Mike and Hazel.

We started off with 15 minutes of cardio for a warmup.  After getting our heart rates up, we immediately started the circuit training.  My first station was running in place on a mini trampoline, then I moved on to one of the weight machines, where I pushed a large weight with my feet.  After that, cycling and then more weights.  There were at least 20 stations, each rotating between some sort of cardio and weight lifting.  The circuit training portion of the class lasted about 25 minutes, and then we went outside and did a couple of stretches.

I never have really thought about circuit training as being an intense workout, but I really felt worn out afterwards.  The day after I definitely felt sore, especially in my back and arms where I’m not used to lifting weights.   This is another one of those exercise routines like yoga, where if you do it on a regular basis you can really start to see a difference in muscle tone.  Another thing that I really liked about the class was that it keeps you on your toes, and it’s not boring.   It’s great to try all the machines and feel all your different muscles working.  Did I mention that I learned how to hula hoop as well?

Mike and Hazel were great too.  Mike of course got us totally pumped up to work out, and he’s hilarious as always.  Hazel was so helpful showing us how to use the machines, and she’s the one who taught me the hula hoop (which I still need a lot of practice with).  I really want to take this class again next time I’m at the Ranch. It’s a great class to add to your weekly exercise routine at your local gym, too!