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I just had the pleasure of taking Gentle Yoga with Naomi Judith down here at the Ranch and what a delight.  This class is exactly what it sounds like; gentle and relaxing.  It’s a form of yoga that I’m not really used to, but was very happily surprised with it.  Having done mostly power yoga or more strenuous types of yoga, sometimes I just want something that’s a little more meditative and a little less straining.  This was the answer.

Gentle yoga is almost like yoga, self message and stretching put together.  It’s something that I’m sure if I practiced every day, I would be a much more relaxed and content person!  After taking this class, I plan on trying to incorporate bits and pieces of it into my daily exercise routine because I think it would be extremely beneficial.

We started the class by lying on our backs and did about four or five different leg stretches and movements.  And even though it wasn’t strenuous at all, I still felt the benefits of a good stretch.  We then moved on to some sitting poses and then standing poses;  all of them gentle and relaxing, but still serving a purpose.   Actually, I think that was the purpose!

My favorite part of the class was the self message portion at the end.  My neck and shoulders tend to get very tense over time working at a computer day in and day out.  It felt great to just give myself a little head, neck and shoulder massage.  This is definitely something I will be doing daily.

I absolutely enjoyed Naomi’s class.  I felt like I was walking on clouds afterwards!  You can learn more about Naomi Judith on her website,