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How to Stay Fit While Working

stay fit while workingYou know the feeling.  Exhaustion at the end of the day. Tension and soreness from sitting in one place for much, much too long. Yet, when you work in an office, at a computer or in a fast-paced environment, it can be a challenge to stop and take time for yourself.

Most of us put everything else in front of our needs during the work day.  And while that may seem like the “right” thing to do, in the long run it doesn’t help our productivity. So, be selfish,  and take a couple of minutes every now and then to refuel.

Here’s a tip that I’ve found helps.  If you have a small step stool (no more than two steps), keep it near your desk.  When you feel your body is itching to get up and move around, turn on some music and use the step stool as a stair master for the length of one song. Stepping up and down for just three to five minutes will  get your heart pumping.  This is my go-to exercise during the work day, and I do it multiple times if need be.

I feel better and get  more accomplished when I take a couple of extra minutes to take care of myself at work.  I like to get up from my desk and move around every twenty to thirty minutes, which helps boost my energy levels.  I occasionally look away from my computer screen and give my eyes time to readjust and relax.  If I do not have time to work out before or after work, I will take a long lunch and squeeze in a workout. This time helps me feel good, optimistic and happy.

Take time to discover the best daily work exercise regimen for yourself.  If that means running in place or taking a walk outside, so be it.  Just move a little throughout the day. Get your blood flowing and clear your mind – the results will pay off!