An Easy Few Minutes of Functional Mobility with DeRahn Johnson - Rancho La Puerta
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An Easy Few Minutes of Functional Mobility with DeRahn Johnson

Keep your joints healthy and lubricated with this exercise from Instructor DeRahn Johnson.

The major joints in our body are designed to move in three planes-  front to back, side to side and they’re supposed to be able to rotate all around. Sitting at our desk with our elbows bent and arms pulled close as we type on our devices can limit the range of movement in our joints. “We’re supposed to be able to move in all different directions,” DeRahn told me. “Technology pushes us towards a sedentary lifestyle where we don’t move our joints like we should and they were created to do. Life’s no longer a mobility workout. It pigeon holes us in one direction, one plane of being. Since people are on their phones or computers, driving in their cars, elbows bent, arms close, this exercise will help with the range of motion.”

  1. Stand with your left foot slightly in front of your right, with foam roller on your left side, in line with your hip.
  2. Place your left hand on top of the roller, your right arm at your side with your palm facing forward
  3. While inhaling, tilt the roller to the left, and abduct right arm as far overhead as possible in a pain-free range of motion, while shifting your hip & rib cage to the right.  There shouldn’t  be a bend in your elbow, and your palm should continue to face forward. Imagine drawing a circle as large as possible.  Keep your body as straight as possible – do not bend at your waist, knees, or upper back.
  4. While exhaling, reverse the circular motion of the right arm, to return to the original starting position, with roller straight.  Maintain a straight body and straight right arm with your palm facing forward.
  5. Once at the original starting position, continue sweeping your right arm to the left while hinging forward at your hip.  Both knees should be straight during the hinge, as well as the upper and mid back.
  6. Straighten up from the hinge while rotating the right arm to the right to return to the original starting position.
  7. Complete this sequence 5- 10 times, then switch sides and repeat.

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