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Pilates Scissors with an Arc

Spend most of the day sitting on your bum? Too acquainted with that comfy office chair? Are you churning out the miles while seated on your road bike’s beautiful leather saddle?

In either case, repetitive hip-flex positions like these lend themselves to cross training with Pilates. “The premise with Pilates,” says Ranch Pilates Instructor Cathleen Murakami, “is to get the skeletal position in alignment. Maybe you’ve been living or hanging out in poor posture or do repetitive exercise; Pilates will be a healthy challenge.  Your body will thank you.”

“Scissors Over An Arc” is one movement to challenge the way you think about, and interact with, your body. Simple isn’t always easy, and Cathleen recommends taking fundamental or introductory classes to first learn proper form, breathing, and technique.

Here’s a quick exercise to strengthen and lubricate your hips and activate your core for stability.

  1. Start with your pelvis squared and anchored on the arc.
  2. Raise both legs together so they’re 90 degrees with the floor.
  3. Exhale with each change. As you get stronger you can lengthen your breath.


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