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Fitness Manager Kristin Granillo

We welcome Rancho La Puerta’s new Fitness Manager Kristin Granillo. We wanted to introduce her and get to know her ourselves and were able to talk and walk in between the classes she teaches and managing the Ranch fitness program.

Where were you raised?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

How did you land at Rancho La Puerta?

I was interviewing for a Guest Instructor position and found out they were hiring a Fitness Manager. This opportunity was everything I had ever dreamed about.

How are you at herding cats?

I am working on it! I usually find a gang of them sitting outside my windows and front door. I’m tempted to let them in my house (they’re pretty cute), but I’m afraid I’ll never get them to leave.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I practice what I preach and treat others the way I want to be treated.

How did you get hooked on fitness?

I’ve been an athlete most of my life, so moving my body is in my blood. I would take friends to the gym with me and randomly make up a workout for us to do. One of them told me I could make money being a fitness instructor; it was the first time I thought I could make it a career! Once I started teaching classes, there was no going back. The biggest reward is the privilege of helping people get healthy and feel great in their bodies.

What’s your favorite workout or training?

I try to mix it up. Bootcamp, Barre, and Running are my favorites lately. I love anything that makes me feel strong (and gets me sweaty). I know that if you want to change your body, lifting weights is non-negotiable, and you have to challenge yourself in different ways. The body is smart and adapts quickly!

What workout would you recommend people do regularly (but don’t)?

Lifting weights. I know a lot of women are afraid to get bulky if they lift heavy weights, but it’s so important as we age. After 30, we lose about 3-5% muscle mass every decade. You must commit to a regular strength training routine to stay fit and mobile.

What is your favorite class to take at the Ranch?

The Ranch is unique because we have the perfect blend of high-energy offerings, such as dance and sculpt, and classes focusing on inner fitness and deep relaxation. Before arriving at the Ranch, I had never experienced Sound Healing, the most popular class we offer. This class has completely transformed the way I connect with myself, and I try to get a few classes in every week

Your number one fitness tip?

Find what you love to do and do it often. There are so many different options for movement- dancing, Pilates, yoga, walking, swimming. Make working out something you look forward to doing.

Do you have a philosophy you’re building the Rancho La Puerta fitness program around?

Fitness should be fun and innovative. Our fitness schedule will constantly be evolving, giving the guests opportunities to find different ways to explore and move their bodies. Along with our excellent full-time instructors, we bring in the fitness industry’s most talented individuals as Guest and Specialty instructors each week. Our fitness program consists of only the best instructors in the country.

Kristin is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She began her profession in fitness, teaching strength and cardio classes, such as cycling and running, and transitioned to Fitness Manager early in her career. In this new role, she discovered her true passion for leading people. She enjoys coaching and developing her team members to grow as instructors and teachers and as individuals. She is a lifelong learner and enjoys reading and learning about wellness and personal development in her spare time.