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Tabata HIIT

A HIIT Workout consists of quick bursts of cardio to help you crush your fitness goals. At The Ranch, they’re 30 minutes of high energy and meant to be done once or twice a week. A Tabata HIIT helps take that to another level with maximum effort, for a short amount of time. Don’t love working out? This may be your best option for a quick and effective workout, giving you the results you want. Fitness Instructor and Manager, Kristin Granillo, drives this class, and she loves to challenge and motivate you. Because this is a short, quick workout, you’ll have time to move on to a nap, lunch, or your pick of after-class reprieve.

In Tabata, the goal is to perform as many repetitions as possible during the 20-second intervals, while maintaining good form. Each Tabata is only 4 minutes long, including the 10-second rest periods, and is designed to be intense and challenging. Tabata training is often used to improve cardiovascular endurance and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. It’s effective in enhancing athletic performance and can be adapted for use with a variety of exercises, including bodyweight only, resistance training, and cardio.


Join Kristin for this Ultimate Workout.