Paddle Palooza: Pickleball Tournament at The Ranch - Rancho La Puerta
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Paddle Palooza: Pickleball Tournament at The Ranch

The Pickleball tournament, thoughtfully organized by Pro Teacher Vicky Foster and hosted at The Ranch, was a fantastic event, marking the conclusion of a week filled with lessons and free play.

The tournament structure was designed to ensure everyone got to play with timed games, and the fast pace kept it a ton of fun! 15-minute games in a  round-robin play guaranteed maximum participation. The top four teams from each division advanced to a semi-final knockout, where winners won gold, silver, and bronze awards🏆 

Why should you try pickleball at The Ranch?

🤝 It’s super social; you make friends on the court.

🏃‍♂️ It’s accessible and doesn’t require expensive gear.

🎾 It’s a fantastic way to stay active and use tennis or racquetball skills.

Here are a few tips Vicky mentioned about playing.

  1. Wear court-specific shoes.
  2. Bring sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen for the sunny days.
  3. Arrive early for classes, as they fill up quickly.
  4. Private lessons are great for more one-on-one time with a pro and deeper skill development.
  5. After your game, take time to socialize and chat with fellow players. It’s all part of the fun! 😄🗨️

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