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Handwriting Analysis

The Secret in Your Script You will be amazed at what your handwriting can reveal! Professional handwriting analyst, Lena Rivkin, shares fun insights gleaned from your handwriting. The Write Note What handwriting analysis reveals about musicians and composers.  This presentation is a collaboratin between Lena Rivkin, handwriting expert, and the musicians who will be performing … Continued

Writing Contest

Spend a week-long fitness retreat at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa and find yourself renewed, recharged and revitalized.

Writing and Mindfulness

Self-Discovery through Journal Writing A journal asks you to live your life twice, once when it happens and once in reflection. Journal writing is an ideal way to express ideas, emotions and creativity as well as a way to heal the self, discover hidden abilities and desires—and, of course, deal with life’s realities. The Ranch … Continued

Writing From- and For- your Life

If you have ever wondered whether you had a story to tell, something to say, some memories to explore, a desire to write a memoir, family history, or anything else, this workshop will give you the tools to overcome your resistance and fear, help you see more clearly that we all have stories to tell, … Continued

On Writing

The Writing Life: An Evening with Author Elayne Clift “It’s all in the art. You get no credit for living.” – V.S. Pritchett Elayne Clift knew by the age of 13, when she received her first rejection from the Saturday Evening Post (for a poem she still thinks is publishable), that she wanted to be … Continued

On Writing

The Writing Life.  A freelance journalist reveals the secrets to returning to the page, how her career unfolded, and what it takes to keep on keeping on despite all the wild unknowns of the literary world. This talk explores failure and rejection as components to triumph, how to source inspired ideas as a non-judgmental observer, … Continued

Getting Started on Writing Your Memoir | Garnett Kilberg Cohen

Have you ever wanted to write a memoir—either for publication or simply to create a record of memories to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Or do you just want to explore your ability as a creative writer? This workshop will give you strategies for getting started on your writing and tips for writing … Continued

Writing Workshop | Irene Borger

The Creative Habit. Being creative means not knowing what is going to happen. It’s a skill you can practice that will transform you, your work – no matter the field – and your relationships. It’s also the mind-state most needed when there are changes in your life. Focus and fully engaged play are key. A … Continued

Writing Workshop

During this dynamic opening panel discussion the speakers will be introduced and discuss what they will be teaching and what you will learn; Q & A included.

Yoga and Writing Class

Yoga and writing, two of my very favorite activities.  This popular class takes places annually at The Ranch.  It was taught in our beautiful Oaktree Pavilion by longtime Ranch yoga instructor, Phyllis Pilgram, and writer, Irene Borger. We started off with yoga stretches taught by Phyllis to loosen us up, and to help us reach a state of flow … Continued

Writing a Daily Gratitude Journal

I didn’t know about the magic of gratitude until a co-worker gave me a book on the subject. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne explains how feeling grateful has a powerful and positive impact on our thoughts. For a full month, I went through the book’s exercises and felt happier and more elevated than normal. Magical things … Continued

Writing the Story of Your Life with Erica Jong

There are few moments in your life where you meet someone so epic they have left a mark on history.  This week I was in the presence of someone like that: Erica Jong.  Oh, you may of heard of her!  She wrote the feminist classic Fear of Flying among many, many other novels and books … Continued

Fearless Writing Techniques

Recently we had author Crescent Dragonwagon at the Ranch to teach us about Fearless Writing Techniques.  Which, by the way, I think is a great title because writing can be kind of scary.  Don’t you think?  Especially if you don’t have a background in writing, but just really like to write.  It can be intimidating … Continued

New Years Goals and Journal Writing

It’s that time of the year again.  Some people hate it, some love it, but either way, it’s hard not to reflect on the past year and think about changes for the new.  Personally, I think goals should be extended all year long, not just the beginning of the year.  The tradition of creating New … Continued

Writing Non Fiction With Leslie Levine

A couple weeks back I wrote about my experience in a fiction writing class I took at the Ranch.  That same week I had taken another class about writing non fiction from Leslie Levine which I loved.  Talk about insider info!  It was great to get all these tips plus Leslie is a wonderful presenter.  … Continued

My Experience Writing Fiction

In a sense I am a writer.  I write for this blog and my own blog too, but do I really consider myself a “real” writer?  Hmmm, that’s a tough one.  I didn’t go to school to study writing or English, but… I like to write.  Actually, I really, really like to write.  I find … Continued

Looking for Erica in the Rare Books Room by Jill Bronfman

In 2020 we continue to feature extraordinary works of writing by recent Ranch guests.  Each piece focuses on The Ranch and moments of personal insight, observation, or awareness. Looking for Erica in the Rare Books Room by Jill Bronfman I only had a few minutes that Wednesday afternoon while my husband was taking our daughter … Continued

The Power of Story

From Instagram to JK Rowling: The Power of Story through Pictures and Words What happens to us when we read a passage from our favorite novel or poem? Or how about when we look at an image—be it an Instagram on our phone, or a Rembrandt hanging on a museum wall? As unrelated as these … Continued

Origins of the Ranch, 80th Anniversary

The Portal to Human Potential Turns 80 As Rancho La Puerta approaches its 80th anniversary, our debut in June of 1940 seems far far in the past.  Not only was the property in 1940 nothing like it is today (guests were asked to bring their own tents and camp under the oaks; $17.50 a week, with … Continued

Circling The Ranch by Deborah Burand

In 2020 we will feature extraordinary works of writing by recent Ranch guests.  Each piece focuses on The Ranch and moments of personal insight, observation, or awareness.   Circling The Ranch by Deborah Burand Edited by Kathleen Flinn My father is training for his first visit to Rancho La Puerta, even though he’s in remarkably … Continued

Recipes from Meredith Deeds

Slow-Roasted Citrus Ginger Salmon Slow-roasting this brightly flavored salmon helps to keep it moist and tender. Don’t bother cutting the salmon into pristine portions, just spoon it off the skin and onto serving plates in large pieces. A sprinkling of flakey salt gives it an added dimension of flavor and a satisfying bit of crunch. … Continued

Recipes from Chef Deb Schneider

INFINITELY ADAPTABLE QUINOA SALAD with Lemon, Roasted Kale & Feta Cheese Serves 2 as entrée, 4-6 as side If you have any small bits of Kale Chips left, add them to this salad! Combinations of seasonal veggies and cooked whole grains are the Ranch in a bowl, and also allow you to use up all … Continued

Recipes from Jill Silverman Hough

Easy Orange Marmalade Bars A twist on the apricot bars I used to make at my Sausalito café, these are a deliciously simple treat. Soft, chewy, and satisfyingly oaty, with a bright tickle of citrus, enjoy them for breakfast, a snack, or a casual dessert. Don’t like marmalade or don’t have it on hand? Just substitute … Continued

Eight Reasons for Keeping a Journal by Rita Jacobs

There are myriad reasons to keep a journal. If there weren’t, there wouldn’t be so many journals started and sadly abandoned because the journal writer runs out of energy, ideas, time or impetus. And yet, I often find people are in my journal-writing workshops because they want to begin again. They just need that extra … Continued