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Embodying Wellbeing Spa Ritual 

I am thrilled to report that The Ranch has launched a sublime new spa experience for the mind, body, and spirit. Embodying Wellbeing Spa Ritual celebrates The Ranch’s 80th year by honoring Mexican and Ranch traditions. It blends spiritual, holistic, and massage elements into a transformative 90 minutes.

A Ritual Outfit

My journey began when I arrived at the Villas Health Center and opened my locker to find a plush robe, comfortable slippers, buttery socks, and a soft poncho. After wrapping myself in the outfit I felt snug, warm, and well taken care of. I was perfectly prepped for the ritual to follow.

Silence is not empty, it is full of wisdom.”

When I arrived at the waiting area I was greeted by a Spa Concierge and we silently strolled outside to a beautiful garden area filled with sage smoke. I deeply inhaled the aroma and gazed up to see old oak branches sway in the wind. I looked left and saw the large chocolate colored tent where I would have my treatment. There was a fountain too, filled with water that shimmered in the sunlight. Directly in front of me was an altar with a bowl full of healing quartz crystals, a burning sage bundle, and a conch shell.  My spa therapist introduced herself and asked me to pick a crystal from the bowl. I chose pink quartz, a stone I knew represented love. She asked me to close my eyes, hold the stone to my heart, and think of an intention for my treatment. Then something incredible happened.

Conch Ritual

As part of a ritual blessing, my spa therapist blew the conch shell in front of me, to my sides, and behind me. The trumpet-like noise vibrated throughout my entire body. I could feel the vibration, energy, and sound of the conch amplify my intention dramatically. The smoke, natural setting, power of my intention, and conch vibration combined to create a spiritual experience.

In Mexican culture the conch shell, or el caracol, relates to the masculine side and fertility, since conches come from water. When conch shells are blown their energy is released into the air, which represents the connection of the physical and spiritual bodies. Blowing the conch in four directions distributes the energy all around.

Sage and Sahumerio (Smoke Ritual)

Sage is native to Mexico and has been incorporated into Mexican traditions for ages. It is used in Embodying Wellbeing Spa Ritual to cleanse and remove negative energy, promote healing, and generate wisdom.

Solar Plexus Pulse

After the ceremony, my spa therapist told me to hold onto the crystal as she led me to the heated spa tent. The atmosphere inside was healing and beautiful. It was a cozy space that was comforting and I felt like I was in another world.

I got on the treatment table and my spa therapist took my solar plexus pulse, which was very strong. The solar plexus pulse is part of the body’s nervous system. It helps organs function smoothly and prepares the body to respond to stress by making metabolic changes. The solar plexus produces the fight-or-flight response in times of stress. In Embodying Wellbeing Spa Ritual, if the pulse is strong then the massage that follows is calming, cooling and quieting. If the pulse is weak then the massage will be invigorating, energizing, and warming.

Rebozo (Shawl)

After my spa therapist took my solar plexus pulse she stretched my limbs with a rebozo, or shawl.  I could feel my body move into proper alignment. I practice yoga, but this extended me in ways that I cannot achieve on my own. I loved every second of it.


After my body was stretched I received an incredibly relaxing and soothing massage. The spa therapist used sage oil, and her fluid and gentle strokes completely calmed my nervous system. I focused on my intention as I drifted into a meditative state.

Clay Mask

After the massage, a white clay mask was painted on my abdomen and covered with a wet cloth. A delightfully warm compress was placed on top. My spa therapist mentioned that the white clay is best for a strong solar plexus pulse, whereas red clay is used for a weaker pulse. Both clays draw toxins from the body. My massage continued as the clay mask worked its magic. I think I entered nirvana!

NSEW: Nervous System Energy Work

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, my spa therapist performed Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW). She slowed down the massage and held her hands very still near my neck. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but a wave of peace washed over me as she cleared and balanced my energetic centers. NSEW grounded me and further connected me with my spiritual nature.

Abdominal Massage

I love this holistic treatment because it is jam-packed with incredible healing elements. After NSEW, my clay mask was removed and I received an abdominal massage. It was slow, gentle, and relaxing. At this point, I could hear birds singing in harmony and the whoosh of wind against the tent.

A Mindful Close

When the treatment finished I put on my cozy outfit and went outside. My spa therapist offered me a cup of rose tea from Tierra Alegre. She encouraged me to sit on a bench near the tent and place my crystal down in the garden area once I was ready. Having silent moments alone after the treatment was lovely. I sipped the delicious hot liquid and pondered my intention. I held the rock close to my heart and then released it back to the earth.

When my spa therapist emerged from the tent she walked me back to Villas Health Center. I felt well-rested and joyful, and these wonderful feelings stayed with me all week.

This was a phenomenal ritual and I hope that you have a chance to experience it soon. I suggest booking it before you arrive to The Ranch to ensure you get a space.  Visit our spa bookings page or call 800-443-7565.