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Of Note…

Music and lectures have always been a part of The Ranch experience. In addition to our solid gold lineup of artists, we’ll host our Third Annual Jazz Week, July 13-19, 2019. Here are a few of The Ranch’s musical highlights Of Note…

Musical Highlights for Summer 2019

June 1 – 8


Fred, Martha, Lev

Start this fantastic week with a lecture and concert from Fred Benedatti on the history of American popular music; from Scott Joplin to Billy Joel. Then, celebrate with a concert by Martha Aarons and Lev Polyakin featuring piano, violin, and flute. This dynamic trio will play an extensive collection of chamber music from charming to virtuosic. Join us in Oaktree Pavilion and grab a comfy seat.

June 15 – 21

Concerts – Love Through Space and Time

Anya Matanovic and Cheryl Lin Fielding

What does Rancho La Puerta’s Oak Tree Pavilion have in common with the Seattle Opera, Boston Lyric Opera, Cleveland Orchestra, and the Santa Fe Open? They all have hosted celebrated Soprano Anya Matanovic.  Along with internationally acclaimed Pianist Cheryl Lin Fielding from the UCLA Opera at the Herb Albert School of Music, the Oak Tree Pavilion will be filled with a unique musical and lyrical tapestry of love.

June 29 – July 5


Lorenzo Marasso and Ana Cervantes

Conservatorio di Milano graduate Lorenzo Marasso will bring his passion as a pianist, composer, and educator to Oaktree Pavilion to play the music of Scalatti, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. Pianist Ana Cervantes is known for bringing incredible passion to classical and contemporary works. Each musical guest will have a night dedicated to a solo show, and then the performers will come together for a third collaborative concert.

July 13 – 19

Jazz @ The Ranch

Nabatov Trio

Rancho La Puerta is proud to host our Third Annual Jazz Week with the Nabatov Trio featuring Simon Nabatov on piano, Tom Rainey on drums, and Ingrid Laubrock on saxophone. Embracing the roots of Jazz and a modern, improvisational approach, the trio will interpret contemporary themes, ballads from the ’30s through ’50s, and the Choro style of music from Brazil. Three delightful musicians come together to create one multi-layered voice and take you along the current of their musical meeting.

In addition to Jazz @ The Ranch, our Best Baja Summer program will have inspirational activities, live dance performances, fiestas, and golden hour hikes. And, like every week, we’ll fill our days with world-class fitness, yoga, water classes, sun-kissed fare, and exceptional spa therapies.

July 20 – 26

Soul Funk and Blues

King Taylor Project

Switch gears with us and dip into the Soul, Funk, and Blues of the King Taylor Project. The blues drive these catchy rhythms and vocals. Let KTP transport you away from the cruise control of daily routines and put you in the driver’s seat of creativity and freedom.

August 17 – 23

Jazz Nights

Bill Harris

Join us for a musical feast with jazz pianist and vocalist Bill Harris. Known for his commitment to the Great American Songbook, interpretations of Cole Porter, and Bill’s original compositions, Bill Harris transports any evening into an elevated experience.

September 7 – 13

Rhythmic Sounds

Steve Schick

Explore textures, musical gestures and gentle rhythms of nature with conductor and percussionist Steven Schick. He’ll take us on a musical journey for a night of mindful listening. Later in the week, he’ll discuss how the Beatles changed popular music forever. Steven Schick is the Music Director and Conductor of the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, Artistic Director of the Breckenridge Music Festival, and a Distinguished Professor of Music. He holds the Reed Family Presidential Chair at the University of California, San Diego.

These are a few highlights of our rich musical programs that we feature each week.  Learn more about our amazing Fourth Chamber Music Festival with Artistic Director Monique Mead, and reserve this notable week.

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