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Meditation & Strength Week
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Stay Cool with Family Water Activities

Week of July 27, 2024

Jenny McTaggart is a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, TRX & Yoga Instructor.  She teaches Bootcamps, Yoga, and TRX at The Bay Club Marin, in the...

Jenny McTaggart
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Musical Exploration with Royce and Rory

Week of July 27, 2024

Royce and Rory kick off their  program with a Sunday Concert! Join them for their daily songwriting class with coaching included in preparation for Thursday’s...

Royce Lundquist and Aurora Lundquist

Farm Fresh Family Feast

Week of July 27, 2024

Thursday Farm Fresh Family Feast 4:45 PM Sign Up Celebrate the abundance of our organic farm and the connection to community with a Farm-to-Table dining...

Sabrina Falquier, Marcelo Hisaki, and Reyna Venegas

Checkmates & Charms

Week of July 27, 2024

Give your brain a workout this Family Week with challenging chess play for people at all levels and mind-bending card tricks!  Chess coach and puzzle...

Alex Freuman

Food Fights!

Week of July 27, 2024

Family Week at the Ranch is the perfect time for a little healthy competition! Join nutritionist-in-residence Tamara Freuman for a fun opportunity to learn about...

Tamara Duker Freuman

Family Week 2024

Week of July 27, 2024

Discover fun for the whole family at The Ranch. We welcome children ages seven and up to participate in a unique blend of classic camp...

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Yarn Painting and Prayer Arrows

Week of August 3, 2024

A great, great, grand-nephew of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Timothy Hinchliff was born an artist and poet with one foot in the wilds of nature and one foot...

Timothy Hinchliff