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Workout Express! with Norma Shechtman

Week of May 18, 2024

Workout Express: Join us for mindful, meaningful and manageable workouts that are short, simple and get right to the point. Learn 10 short workouts that...

Norma Shechtman

Strength Training with Gay Gasper

Week of June 29, 2024

Gay Gasper began her fitness career on Fit Tour, completing nine tours teaching fitness workshops in the United States. Additionally, Gay has shared her expertise...

Gay Gasper

Strength for All Ages

Week of August 3, 2024

Ageless Intensity  Successful Aging is the process of aging free from disease while maintaining high levels of physical performance and cognitive function. We know that...

Pete McCall

Gentle Muscle & Mobility for Aging with Strength and Grace

Week of September 28, 2024

Developing Muscle strength is the True Fountain of Youth. Come and learn conditioning exercises that are gentle on your body and will provide you the...

Sherri McMillan
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Cycle Strength with Keli Roberts

Week of October 26, 2024

Keli Roberts has been recognized for many prestigious awards in the fitness industry. In 2003, she was named the IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the...

Keli Roberts

Funtensity with Jonathan Ross

Week of November 16, 2024

Funtensity: Lose Yourself in Play, Find Yourself in Fitness When was the last time you had so much fun that you didn’t realize how hard...

Jonathan Ross