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Choose Love! The Inner Fitness Program with Emily Boorstein

Week of April 13, 2024

Change Your Mind Yes, it’s possible to change our mind! And by change, I mean transform. We have the most incredible power to choose the...

Emily Boorstein

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Week of April 13, 2024

Nutritional Resilience & Performance Our food choices also impact anxiety levels and stress, both of which can impair the inner shield of our resilience. Saliva...

Patti Milligan

Hands-On Cooking Classes and Spring Delights Dinner with Kristine Kidd

Week of April 13, 2024

Kristine offers hands-on culinary experiences, 3.5 hours each, during which you will enjoy preparing your own meal along with fellow cooks. Classes take place at...

Kristine Kidd

Pickleball of the Heart with Pat Angelicchio

Week of April 13, 2024

Pat Angelicchio is an energetic & empathetic instructor with almost a decade in the sport and over 40 years of coaching experience. She has earned over...

Pat Angelicchio

Rooted in Beauty: Exploring Gardens and Gardening from California to Tecate to Your Backyard

Week of April 13, 2024

Join California-based garden expert, Nan Sterman, for a week-long series on plants and gardens that are a feast for our eyes and our bellies. Garden the...

Nan Sterman
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Tai Chi and Qigong with Cari Shuman

Week of April 13, 2024

Tai Chi The morning class focuses on a powerful 10-15 min Tai Chi wake up that can be easily learned and practiced every day for...

Cari Shuman

Transitions, Transformations, and Traveling Solo!

Week of April 13, 2024

How to embrace the inevitable life transitions and learn a unique way to travel in your new chapter of life.  Transitions—Embrace them! Transitions are part...

Shirley Buccieri

More Ranch Activities

Week of January 4, 2025

In addition to our specialty programming, each week includes: Over 40 daily instructor lead classes: HIIT, trail running, cardio dance, yoga, stretch, pilates and more Daily...