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Pickleball Week

Chamber Music Concert

Week of September 21, 2024

Janet Guggenheim is the pianist in the video, “Perlman Live in Russia.”  For 30 years she collaborated with violinist Itzhak Perlman, including concerts in Mexico...

Janet Guggenheim, Martha Aarons and Lev Polyakin

Create Your Reality: Strategies for Powerful Daily Living in 2024

Week of September 21, 2024

What will be Different This Year? You Choose! You craft your life using consistent building blocks. You’ll learn what they are, and how to apply...

Christina Boyd-Smith

Hands-On Cooking Classes with David Cohen

Week of September 21, 2024

David offers hands-on culinary experiences, 3.5 hours each, during which you will enjoy preparing your own meal along with fellow cooks. Classes take place at...

David Cohen

Meditation with Jacques-Pierre Cole

Week of September 21, 2024

Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole practices the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies which focuses on compassion and love. His deep curiosity about the world...

Jacques-Pierre Cole

Pilates with Erika Quest

Week of September 21, 2024

Erika Quest used to sell cheeseburgers, true story…. As a self-proclaimed “Certified La Pistola” Erica has been in the international fitness, wellness, and Pilates education...

Erika Quest

Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny!

Week of September 21, 2024

DNA is only responsible for approximately 15% of our life expectancy. The emerging field of Epigenetics explains how our choices of health-related behaviors control proteins...

Dr. Lee Rice

More Ranch Activities

Week of January 4, 2025

In addition to our specialty programming, each week includes: Over 40 daily instructor lead classes: HIIT, trail running, cardio dance, yoga, stretch, pilates and more Daily...