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Art as Mindfulness

Week of April 27, 2024

Painting the Ranch: Exploring Color for Aspiring Artists and Art Lovers No drawing skills required! Linda Hugues paints sun-drenched landscapes that tell stories of human...

Linda Hugues
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Bone Up!

Week of April 27, 2024

Session 1: Discover 7 Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Bones Let’s get personal…I’m sharing a nutritionist’s perspective on lessons learned over the last decade,...

Susan McCandless

Concert & Drumming Circle

Week of April 27, 2024

Karl Anthony is an award-winning singer/songwriter and a proud member of NOAH (National Organization of Arts in Health), dedicated to advocating for the healing power...

Karl Anthony

Elemental Gong Meditation & Healing the Heart: A Gong Bath Immersive Journey

Week of April 27, 2024

Elemental Gong Meditation: EARTH Join us for our Elemental Gong Meditation, where we’ll be combining the healing powers of multiple planetary gongs alongside their elemental...

Kyle Lam

Gathering Guru: How to Come Together with Passion, Purpose, and Power

Week of April 27, 2024

What Facilitating a Wedding, a Funeral, a Bat Mitzvah, and a Board Meeting Have in Common We spend much of our lives gathering with others,...

Melinda Fine

Hands-On Cooking Classes and Plant-Powered Culinary Fiesta with Davin & Jessica Waite

Week of April 27, 2024

Davin & Jessica offer hands-on culinary experiences, 3.5 hours each, during which you will enjoy preparing your own meal along with fellow cooks. Classes take...

Davin & Jessica Waite

Inner Fitness: Your Way to Wellness

Week of April 27, 2024

Marianne Wells invites you to participate in an interesting, fun and light-hearted lecture series that re- writes the narrative of well-being, and shows you step...

Marianne Wells

iPhoneography with Yoni Mayeri

Week of April 27, 2024

All presentations will be on the iPhone; Android users welcome too. If you miss a session, it’s fine to show up for any sessions that...

Yoni Mayeri

More Ranch Activities

Week of January 4, 2025

In addition to our specialty programming, each week includes: Over 40 daily instructor lead classes: HIIT, trail running, cardio dance, yoga, stretch, pilates and more Daily...